Freelance Journalist – Human Rights Activist

J’accuse! (Emile Zola) – I accuse

What is the aim of journalism? Or of any intellectual activity? Zola obviously thinks it’s to accuse, to cover up what’s going wrong and name the perpetrators. I agree. But why do journalists always write about the bad stuff?, I am asked and ask myself quite regularly. Yes, why? We can write about beauty and love as well and still accuse, by showing contrasts and celebrating the differences.

Based in Vienna I keep an eye on developments, movements and changes in South Eastern Europe, Turkey and its neighbours. Usually I hang out with the dispossessed, so my stories tend to be mostly about them.

I hope you enjoy or at least receive some new and interesting information.

So let’s keep the bee stinging.

Kendine iyi bak – Take care

buendia bee

Markus Wachter – Kontakt: markus_wachter(you know)

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